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Autonomous Christmas Lighting Drone

Tired of ladders, lights, and cold nights? Get Flightlight—the drone + app power duo! Simply tell Flightlight what and where you want your lights, and let the image-based GPS magic begin! Hot cocoa anyone?


If you’ve ever fallen off a ladder into a tangled mess of 500+ miniature twinkle lights, then you know why we invented the Flightlight!

Power-packed with the latest in Google image recognition technology and NASA-quality GPS tracking, our customized drone and cross-platform mobile app will simplify the most dreaded task of the holiday season. Just take a picture of your tree, define your stringing points, press go, and let go! The flightlight and our SSD, quad-core servers buzz around your tree until it’s the sparkliest, festivest one on the block. Now you can enjoy the holidays the right way...properly lit!

  • 7.25 kg
  • 90x60x90 cm
  • one size fits all
  • white
  • 5 years
-50% sale, gaming, desktop PC
fast, gaming, strong

EXCELLENT PRODUCT! Works like a charm. I would have given it 5 stars but it worked so well that my wife had me decorate twice as much this year. Please make the next version be able to mount Santa’s Sleigh on the roof.


After manually installing 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights last year, I was sure I would never do that again. But after finding the Flightlight, I had a new faith in holiday lights! What took me an entire night last year took the Flightlight 45 mins! Can you make one that cleans the house too? Thanks PHS!


I love this product! No sappy hands! No pine needles in your eye! No worries! Just snap, tap, and go! The holidays have never been so easy!


I live in one of those neighborhoods that does the Christmas light wars. People come from miles away to see the decorations. And every year, my next door neighbor, Robert, always wins. But not this year! HAHA With the Flightlight, my house was the brightest on the block. Take THAT, smug Robert.

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