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Motion Enabled Christmas Spirit

Why should your Christmas tree only bring festivity to one room? With the Festivitree, every room in your home or office can be festive! It’s Tesla-inspired self-driving technology allows your tree to maneuver seamlessly around like Rudolph on a snowy night! (red nose not included)


Have you ever noticed that while the Christmas spirit is all around us, your Christmas tree stays in one spot...the whole holiday season? Well not any more! Now you can leave your merry living room without feeling blue. Christmas will follow you to the kitchen, bedroom, even bathroom if you want!

The Festivitree is an autonomous, battery-powered evergreen that delivers holiday cheer to anyone in need. Based on the same self-driving technology utilized by Tesla and Google, the Festivitree utilizes 27 individual sight and motion sensors to bring the right amount of holiday celebration to any group of people. Perfect for holiday celebrations, office parties, and single-story homes.

  • 7.25 kg
  • 90x60x90 cm
  • one size fits all
  • white
  • 5 years
-50% sale, gaming, desktop PC
fast, gaming, strong

Finding and decorating Christmas trees is kind of my specialty...I’m pretty good at it. I know how to properly space lights and ornaments just so. But I was always sad that all my hard work could only be enjoyed in my living room. But with the Festivitree, my tinsel and garland masterpiece is with me 24/7!


I am a firm believer that beautiful things should not be hidden away in the corner. They should be on display at all times for all to see! So when I saw the Festivitree, I knew this was the Christmas tree for me! (Hey that rhymed!) Now I can enjoy my handmade pine cone ornaments all season long!


Ever since my wife passed, the holidays have been a lonely time. My kids would come decorate my home for me, but finding the christmas spirit was still hard. One day they brought over this Festive Tree. And it kind of follows along behind me like a loyal dog. I hate to admit it, but the holidays are a lot happier with this tireless tree around.

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