About Us

Founded in 1985, Premier Holiday Solutions has been Nashville’s number one supplier of holiday solutions that—fiiiiiiiiiiine—it's us, redpepper. You can give that skeptical expression of yours a well-earned pat on the back—you caught us. Premier Holiday Solutions is a company we made up in an effort to spread some smiles this holiday season.

The real us is over here: redpepper.land

We’re a creative agency that thrives on constant growth. We’re always staying curious, trying new things, failing sometimes, and learning all the time. The way we experiment with technology is no different.

We play at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds, pushing the possibilities of how the two interact. And when we share our ideas with the world, we try to showcase them in a way that connects with people. Because if we spark one person’s curiosity or expand one brand’s thinking, we can hang up our lab goggles proudly for the day.

  • We’ve made some other shitty robots

  • And we’ve made some impressive real work too. Ever heard of Slack? Verizon? We hope so because we don’t like to waste a name-drop.

Thanks for playing along with us.

Our team

  • 👋 It's us, redpepper